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2021 led me to data and social impact

2021 led me to data and social impact

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Mirado Rafenomahenintsoa
·Dec 30, 2021·

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2021 is now coming to an end, and in times of the year like this, one tends to do a retrospective of the events that happened during the year, make a little review and look forward to the next year.

Personally, this has been one of the most adventurous but rewarding years of my life, I've had my ups and downs, like between fighting covid while on my own and getting my Master's degree while juggling my job and club. Having said that, I have to admit that I have enjoyed this year a lot.

In a professional sense, 2021 has allowed me to find my bearings, to situate myself and to identify what makes me tick. As I write this article, I am working as an Analytics Specialist for an American NGO that helps women with fistula, a job that allows me to fulfill my passion for data (one of the main reasons I started this blog) and above all, to participate in the eradication of a major social problem in my country. To get there though, I had to go through several jobs, refuse some offers and break some stereotypes about employment.

And when I say I had to go through several jobs, I literally did. In one year, I had to change workplace 3 times. And I have no regrets at all, I was happy to have taken these decisions because it is thanks to these choices that I found passion in what I do. I learned some very good lessons from it, and I think that it could help people who are in the same situations, that's why I wrote this article.

1. If you are no longer motivated, it is time to make room for others

Going back a bit to the beginning of this year, I was wearing a double hat in a computer development company in Antananarivo. The little dev that I was was happy and well served. I was writing SQL scripts from Monday to Wednesday and playing with Javascript codes on the other days. I was productive, obedient, a force of proposal and as I was still finishing my Masters at the time, I planned to do my thesis in the project where I work. Everything was going well, until I felt my motivation diminish, day after day. Aware of the problem, I had taken the time to reflect and try to find solutions and that's when I realised that I am more enthusiastic about tasks concerning data than codes. In May, I decided to find another job that would give me the opportunity to look more into data and go deeper into the field. I saw an offer on linkedin, applied, went for interviews and within a week I got the job. I was told to think carefully about my decision at the time, implying that I might regret it. Indeed, the new job I got was not at all what I expected.

2. If the environment does not allow you to grow, it is not the right one

At the beginning of June I started the new job, it was a data analyst position in the financial sector, more precisely in microfinance and mobile banking. During our interview I was amazed, the job would allow me to handle several interesting things, the colleagues seemed fun. But then, big disappointment, the project was scattered, but that was not my real problem, my concern was the fact that I had no support from my n+1, my proposals were not taken into account and communication was not going well. At that moment, I was confused. My dissertation will take place in a few months and I can't afford to change jobs, so I decided to stay for 4 months, while I finish my dissertation and at the same time look for another job. The problem was solved in the meantime, the place where I was working became aware of the problem, there was a restructuring of the team, nevertheless, the recruitment procedures were underway, and my decision was made, I will leave.

3. Find something that really means something to you

I had the choice between two job offers, one in one of the biggest groups in Madagascar and the other in an NGO. I admit, it was a difficult choice. Working in one of the biggest franchises in Madagascar would still be a big plus in my CV, but the cause for which the NGO is acting had a great meaning for me, it will allow me to participate in a social cause for my fellow citizens and for my country. I made my decision, I chose the NGO. It's one of the best decisions I've made this year, the job allows me to handle a lot of data while making an impact in my country, plus the team allows me to grow, I have access to several trainings, I have all the support I need and the atmosphere is great.

4. Enjoy the journey

Having the opportunity to work for something you love and care about is surely an ideal, but even though this year I had to go through all these difficulties, I enjoyed them and I'm quite grateful for having gone through them, this year was an experience that made me stronger and reminded me once again that whatever you go through, enjoy the journey, take lessons and be grateful.

This is how 2021 brought me to a mission that drives me to explore my passion for data and make a positive impact in my country. If you've made it to this passage, I wish you a year full of motivation in 2022 with an environment that will allow you to thrive, I wish you to find a cause that makes you tick. Let's enjoy the journey and remain grateful.

Sincerely me,


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